David W Stoesz

61 Stories

Zine and Kindle edition of some very short stories. Cover by Art Chantry. Physical copies available at Elliott Bay Book Company and Kuhlman Men's and Women's Clothing in Belltown.

"These stories are so much better than the other flash fiction I’ve read. They’re like fables for grownups, adult bedtime stories."

--Diane Sepanski

17 Resentment Court

A professor is dead. So is the prep guy at East Sea Sushi.

A darkly whimsical crime thriller out now from Mouse House Books, 17 Resentment Court zips through the alleys, bars, and corporate offices of the rainy Northwest metropolis of Plankton.

Cover by Marie Bousassi.

Available from the publisher, at Elliott Bay Books, Third Place Books, Ada’s Technical Books, and the bad place.


A Sensitive Liberal's Guide to Life

A book based on the character from my Seattle Weekly column, "Ask an Uptight Seattleite."

"A wickedly addictive read."

--Publishers Weekly

I Found by Going Where to Go

As my dad was dying, he asked me to edit and publish his memoir. And I did! This is the story of how he emerged from a Menonite community in 30s and 40s rural Minnesota to become a Buddhist and a scholar of religion. It's short and easy to read.